The Mobility Awards is a platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces, and commercial establishments promoting active mobility, especially cycling as a mode of daily commute among their constituencies, customers, employees, and communities.

In 2020, the Mobility Awards on its inaugural round evaluated and awarded 3 cycling-friendly cities, workplaces and commercial establishments in Metro Manila respectively who were ranked Gold and Silver ratings. In collaboration with cycling-courier companies, the Mobility Awards also awarded three Padyak! Power to the People and 3 exemplary bike-messengers who have shown extraordinary acts of leadership.

The 2021 National Mobility Awards is organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), MNL Moves, The Climate Reality Project Philippines, Pilipinas, and Pinay Bike Commuter together with 25 regional partners comprised of civic groups and active mobility advocates to inspire action, involvement, and coordination among local government units, workplaces, and commercial establishments who want to improve conditions for urban mobility. Likewise, we have also collaborated with the League of Cities of the Philippines to promote The Mobility Awards to their member – cities nationwide.

Mobility Awards is looking for the most Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Workplaces, and Establishments in the Philippines (excluding cities in Metro Manila Cities).

  • Bicycle-friendly Cities
    Refers to City local government units (CLGUs)  that promote cycling as mode of transport in their cities. Excluding Metro Manila Cities.
  • Bicycle-friendly Workplaces
    Refers to stand-alone business firms, corporations, industrial office buildings, co-working spaces, and mixed office buildings (meaning multiple office tenants sharing the same building) who provide enabling facilities for their workers, building employees, and their clients.
  • Bicycle-friendly Establishments
    Refers to all forms of  commercial establishments such as stand-alone shops, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, grocery stores, shop outlets, hotels, and shopping malls that provide enabling facilities for their workers and customers.

Cities, as drivers of economic and social development where more than 50% of Filipinos reside, require more urgent actions to address the alarming economic and health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As engines of economy, commerce, governance and innovation, cities also have the upper hand opportunity to make rapid strides towards inclusive, sustainable, and resilient development.

On the other spectrum, our ability to accommodate a large scale of nominations for rural areas are limited as the pandemic continues to restrict movement. Cities are currently much more manageable to evaluate. However, we strive to expand our capacity to reach more communities in the future.

Nominations are open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to participate and publicly nominate who they think deserve to receive the Mobility Awards recognition. Submissions of nominations per person are unlimited.

Nominate now: 

Nominations are open from September 07 until November 05, 2021. Winners will be announced on November 25, 2021.


Bicycle-friendly cities (local government units), workplaces, and establishments can be awarded with Katipunan, Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings.

For this year, we will be ranking the Top 3 cities, workplaces, and establishments for each of the main island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao respectively. From the three island groups, will name the top three (3) winners for this year’s 2021 national  inaugural round of the Mobility Awards.

Similar to the 2020 Mobility Round,  the top three winners from each regional island-group will receive the following prizes based on their rank:

Gold Rank:

Bicycle-Friendly Gold Recognition Sign

P10,000 voucher from bike-friendly stores

Silver Rank:

Bicycle-Friendly Silver Recognition Sign

P8,000 voucher from  bike-friendly stores

Bronze Rank:

Bicycle-Friendly Bronze Recognition Sign

P5,000 voucher from bike-friendly stores

The Katipunan Award is the highest rank attainable in the Mobility Awards. It signifies truly transformational efforts initiated and/or adopted by a city, workplace or commercial establishment in promoting bicycle commuting as a mainstream mode of transport among their constituencies, employees, and customers, and in making cities pedestrian-friendly.

This award is inspired by the revolutionary ideals of Katipuneros in uniting Filipinos, securing genuine freedom, and advancing social justice. It emulates these same goals in the Mobility Awards, but in the context of gaining independence from fossil fuels and promoting the mobility needs of the majority of our people.

The Katipunan Award seeks to unite Filipinos behind the ideal that asks our government to prioritize moving people, not cars, and by pointing to public transportation as an effective and  pragmatic indicator of democracy in the country.

So far, no one has won the Katipunan Award yet, which serves as a challenge to previous and upcoming nominees for the Mobility Awards.

Active mobility encompasses both cycling and walking. The Mobility Awards will still focus largely on bike-friendly initiatives for now. For this round however, we will also consider initiatives that accommodate the needs of pedestrians and help promote walkability in cities and communities that aim to address the mobility needs of the majority of the working Filipinos who do not have private cars, as part of Integration, Innovation and Inclusion criteria.

Yes. The Mobility Awards recognizes hard-working Filipinos for their everyday acts of leadership on the road through the Padyak! Power to the People Awards and the Siklista ng Bayan, a new special recognition award.

The Padyak Champion Awards is a special recognitions awards of the Mobility Awards that  aim to show appreciation for the tireless efforts and services of cyclist messengers and delivery riders of favored bike-friendly delivery establishments who deal with the pandemic and reckless drivers and who weather traffic, heat, rain, road hazards and blaring horns to deliver much needed food, groceries, books, medicines, and other parcels.

In 2020, we partnered with bike-messengerial companies : Grab, Food Panda, Gofer and Bike Padala PH who nominated their outstanding cyclist-messengers. The Mobility Awards recognized three of the top cyclist-messengers and likewise recognized distinguished cyclist-messengers who who have shown  distinction that embodies Filipino/ Filipina characters that best describe the qualities of Citizenship: Makatao (Humanity), Masikap (Perseverance), at Maasahan (Trustworthiness), traits that are worth emulating through their stories and everyday acts of leaderships.

For this year, the Mobility Awards will be partnering with bike-messengerial companies outside of Metro Manila who will likewise nominate their outstanding cyclist-messengers. Nominations will start on October 7, 2021 and will close on November 7, 2021.

The Siklista ng Bayan Awards aims to recognize hard working entrepreneurial Filipinos who have used bicycles as a main mode of livelihood and business in our communities that are nominated by Filipino netizens. They are your reliable pedicab, padyak, tri-sikad, or your suking magtataho, recycler, barista, the ever reliable pandesal,  magbabalot, fish, fruits or vegetable vendors on bicycles, or your ever reliable errand-on-bicycles.

Oftentimes, they are the most unrecognized essential workers, but they provide us with the necessary first and last mile-delivery service. The Siklista ng Bayan Awards aims to recognize their valuable contribution and service to you, your community and to the climate by inviting all citizens to share photos and stories of these everyday heroes who ‘pedals’-the-talk.

Similar to Padyak! Power to the People, we will recognize the top Siklista ng Bayan and will likewise, recognized Siklistas who have shown distinction that embodies Filipino characters that best describe the qualities of citizenship.

Nominate them through by October 07, 2021.

Entries for the Siklista ng Bayan Awards will be open for public nominations on October 07 and will end by November 07, 2021.

Nominations for the Bike -Friendly cities, workplaces and business-establishments will close on November 05, 2021.

Nominations for the Padyak! Power to the People and Siklista ng Bayan will close on November 7,2021.

Nominations will close on November 05, 2021. All winners will be announced on November 25, 2021 in time for Climate Change Consciousness Week. Mark your calendars!

The panel of judges represented by convenors the Mobility Awards will evaluate and rank the top regional island-group and national winners. They will be joined by representatives from the regional partners who will help evaluate the nominations from regional island-groups, and esteemed guest judges who will specifically evaluate the nominations based on specific aspects of the criteria.

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