The Mobility Awards has established itself as a platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces, and establishments promoting active mobility among their constituencies, customers, employees, and communities.

In collaboration with civic groups and local partners, the awards aim to inspire action, involvement, and coordination among local government units, workplaces, and establishments who want to improve conditions for urban mobility. This is our way of accelerating and mobilizing support for government’s programs promoting active transport and inclusive mobility. We aim to recognize leaders – those who have been contributing to the movement early-on and those who have been responsive to the changing times by offering forward-looking ideas that help embrace cycling and other means of inclusive, active mobility.. Build, build, build is not the responsibility alone of the government. We believe business establishments, local governments, and heads of workplaces have an essential role to play in development programs where the ultimate aim is not defined by scale or size but the impact on working households in the country.

Through public online nominations, the Mobility Awards can help promote a culture of feedback, data generation, and collaboration in developing standards and enabling public support for acts of leadership in government and the private sector.

The awards will help cities advance the aspirations of the majority of Filipinos by elevating the value of inclusive mobility, addressing pollution, while rewarding business establishments and workplaces with public recognition they can benefit from. For businesses, the Mobility Awards will not only highlight but add robust value to their brand and help provide a boost during the pandemic-induced economic crisis. For government offices, the awards will help generate public support and pride in ways that help LGU leaders convey third-party generated recognition of accomplishments directly to their constituencies.