Bilang Siklista

Results of the 2023 nationwide bicycle count project

Now in its second year of nationwide implementation, the bike count project, led by organizers of the Mobility Awards, aims to provide solid evidence to support the urgent need of investing in better bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure throughout the country.

In this year’s effort, 817 volunteers actively participated in bike counts conducted in 17 cities (10 in Metro Manila and 7 provincial cities) across the Philippines, on seven different dates in June and July. Following the standardized bike counting methodology developed by the US National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation (NBPD) Project, volunteers performed their counts during peak rush hours, specifically from 6 to 8 AM and 4 to 6 PM. This timing was chosen to effectively capture the significant influx of commuters using bicycles during these hours.The collected dataset will provide valuable insights into the cycling habits and infrastructure requirements within Philippine urban areas.